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Welcome to the Victory By Choice Website


Our Purpose
Our purpose is to serve the personal growth and self-discovery needs of individuals seeking inspirational encouragement, guidance and direction. 

We will promote and create platforms for tranformational programming. Our collaborative events are designed for organizations and communities to promote divine consciousness, authenticity, and personal empowerment. 
Our Desire
Our desire is to uplift and inspire any and everyone we come into contact with. Our target audience and primary focus at this time is on minority women due to the marginalizing detriment and neglect these women have endured from society for many generations.

We desire to celebrate this dynamic group of women to help them recognize the power of unconditional love and authenticity. We desire to teach the importance of living life as a deliberate creators. Encouraging one another to live life victoriously by choice and not by chance in the fullness of who God created us to be.
Our Mission
Our mission is to become the leading inspirational promotions company based out of northeast Ohio to transform the mindset of individuals that expands into the high vibrational growth of our communities.

Our will be served by celebrating the spiritual, metaphysical, and open coaching practices and platforms used encourage divinity and conscious self-awareness amongst minorities groups and communities.

Victory by Choice is designed to empower and promote the divinity in self-awareness.

 We are determined to uplift and encourage through love, light and truth.
We desire to promote amazing people doing amazing things.
Victory By Choice can help discover gifts and provide clarity in vision.
Join us in exploring your gifts, creating events, and gaining clarity. We take pleasure in showcasing
and promoting coaches, speakers, healers & strategist to allow our clients and community to expand.
Evolve your vision, maximize the potential, and live the desired experience. 

We would love to assist you in manifesting your dreams into a reality!
Our Spiritual Healing services are designed with the intention to heal wounds beyond the physical body. Healing the voids, blockages, and victim consciousness that lies in the spiritual, emotional and etheric bodies. Check out the new VBCSpiritualHealing.com site to learn more.                              
Our spiritual guidance articles provide insight, direction, and motivation that can be applied to various areas of our lives. We would love for you to read and share the articles you find helpful or insightful. Click below to explore our articles and enjoy the message. 
Our team takes pride in hosting "Feel Good" events, celebrating love, laughter & divinity. We love to celebrate authentic people in a unique way. We inspire others to recognize wonderful people doing amazing things! We hope to see you at an event and we look forward to collaborating and sharing this experience with you.
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